I had the pleasure of speaking at CodeCamp NYC on Saturday, October 20th. Attached is the presentation I shared.

Serverless Application Development with MongoDB Stitch from Michael Lynn
The talk covered a basic introduction to [MongoDB](http://www.mongodb.com), how it differs from Tabular Database Management Systems like [SQL Server](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/default.aspx), [MySQL](http://www.mysql.com), and the like. I also introduced [MongoDB Atlas](http://cloud.mongodb.com), the Database as a Service and [MongoDB Stitch](http://docs.mongodb.com/stitch), the Backend as a Service. I also shared examples of [MongoDB Stitch Functions](https://docs.mongodb.com/stitch/functions/), [Services](https://docs.mongodb.com/stitch/services/), and explained how [Stitch Rules](https://docs.mongodb.com/stitch/rules/) enable enhanced granularity for documents.
Then, to help folks understand exactly how to begin, I provided a demonstration of MongoDB Atlas and showed exactly how to create a serverless application with MongoDB Stitch. The process takes less than 10 minutes. I created a [GitHub Repository](https://github.com/mrlynn/mongodb-stitch-vue-example) to share my application - feel free to fork, and share this.
If you want to see a more detailed demonstration of creating an application with MongoDB Stitch, check out my recent blog article on [Creating a Data Enabled API in less than 10 Minutes with MongoDB Stitch](https://www.mongodb.com/blog/post/creating-a-data-enabled-api-in-10-minutes-with-mongodb-stitch).

I’d like to thank Steven Bohlen of CodeCamp for a fantastic experience, Microsoft NYC for hosting the event and all of the attendees and fellow speakers. I’m looking forward to future participation.